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Mina Setting up a project

Setting up a project

Let’s deploy a project using Mina.

Step 1: Create a config/deploy.rb

In your project, type mina init to create a sample of this file.

$ mina init
Created config/deploy.rb.

This is just a Rake file with tasks! See About deploy.rb for more info on what deploy.rb is. You will want to at least configure your server:

# config/deploy.rb
set :user, 'username'
set :domain, ''
set :deploy_to, '/var/www/'

Step 2: Set up your server

Make a directory in your server called /var/www/ (in deploy_to) change it’s ownership to the correct user.

$ ssh

# Once in your server, create the deploy folder:$ mkdir /var/www/$ chown -R username /var/www/

Step 3: Run ‘mina setup’

Back at your computer, do mina setup to set up the folder structure in this path. This will connect to your server via SSH and create the right directories.

$ mina setup
-----> Creating folders... done.

See directory structure for more info.

Step 4: Deploy!

Use mina deploy to run the deploy task defined in config/deploy.rb.

$ mina deploy
-----> Deploying to 2012-06-12-040248
       Lots of things happening...
-----> Done.