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Mina Command line options

Command line options

Basic usage:

$ mina [OPTIONS] [TASKS] [VAR1=val VAR2=val ...]


  • -v / --verbose - This will show commands being done on the server. Off by default.

  • -S / --simulate - This will not invoke any SSH connections; instead, it will simply output the script it builds.

  • -t / --trace - Show backtraces when errors occur.

  • -f FILE - Use a custom deploy.rb configuration.

  • -V / --version - Shows the current version.


There are many tasks available. See the tasks reference, or type mina tasks.


You may specify additional variables in the KEY=value style, just like Rake. You can add as many variables as needed.

$ mina restart on=staging

# This sets the ENV['on'] variable to 'staging'.