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Mina Settings


Settings are managed using the set and settings methods. This convention is inspired by Sinatra and Vlad.

# config/deploy.rb
set :version, "v2.0.5"

settings.version    #=> "v2.0.5"
settings.version?   #=> true

You can also retrieve settings without the settings. prefix.

# config/deploy.rb
set :version, "v2.0.5"

version    #=> "v2.0.5"
version?   #=> true

Dynamic values

You can also give settings using a lambda. When the setting is retrieved, it will be evaluated.

# config/deploy.rb
set :tag, lambda { "release/#{version}" }
set :version, "v2.0.5"

tag    #=> "release/v2.0.5"

Inside and outside tasks

All of these are accessible inside and outside tasks.

# config/deploy.rb
set :admin_email, ""

task :email do
  set :message, "Deploy is done"

  system "echo #{message} | mail #{admin_email}"


If you would like an error to be thrown if a setting is not present, add a bang at the end.

# config/deploy.rb
task :restart do
  queue "#{settings.nginx_path!}/sbin/nginx restart"

# $ mina restart
# Error: You must set the :nginx_path setting