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Templates: Styleguide page template

This formats your styleguides.

It puts things into :body and :head, and calls the layouts/styleguide layout, which you should have in your app.

Don't like me? Just copy me into your app/views/layouts/styleguide_page.html.haml and customize me.

- content_for :body do
      %strong= styleguide_title
      %small Style guide

      - styleguide_sections.each do |id, name|
          %a{class: (id == @section ? 'active' : ''), href: id}
    = yield

  %script{src: ""}
  %script{src: ""}
  %link{href: "", type: "text/css", rel: "stylesheet"}
    $(function() { prettyPrint(); });
    $('.sg-expand').on('click', function expand() {

- content_for :head do
  = stylesheet_link_tag 'styleguide'
  = stylesheet_link_tag 'styleguide-extras'

= render file: 'layouts/styleguide'